Our core management team are all graduated from Tsinghua University and other first-class universities. They all come from the world's leading energy groups or petroleum equipment companies, with extensive industry experience and resources.

The R&D team is made of highly talented and well experienced engineers with nearly 20 years of industry design experience on average, led by a number of award winning senior experts. experts. The team has successfully developed many world-leading oil drilling equipment, and are constantly developing new product lines to expand the upgrade of the automation of oil drilling rigs into the field of artificial intelligence.

The core members of the technical service team are mostly from the world-renowned oil equipment companies like NOV, TESCO, MH, SIEMENS and so on, with multiple senior engineers of more than 10 years of industry experience. They are recognized in the industry for their expertise and professionalism, proficient in drilling package system upgrade and tackling difficult technical projects. They are highly praised by our clients such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC.

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