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SMART Wrench is great! Press it, and the drill rod start to rotate

Issuing time:2021-05-25 10:09:58

    "This' SMART Wrench ' replaces the hydraulic pliers. Work load which used to be doneby two people now can be done easily with a remote control." On April 26th,the Karamay Drilling Company Drilling Crew # 50071 was carrying out a drillingtask with external fitter Eskar Steck commanded " SMART   Wrench " tounload the buckle when he made the above comments.
    This is the first " SMART Wrench " for Karamay Drilling Company. It is an automated wellhead tool with drilling operations. It is tall, strong and has bright yellow color all over it. It is mainly composed of Torque Wrench Assmebly, Spin Wrench Assmebly, Hydraulic System and other parts, can adapt to a wider range of drill pipe, drill collar, joint and other types of drill tools for make-up and break-out .It can not only replace human operation, but also greatly improve production efficiency and enhance safety performance.
    "Previously with hydraulic pliers, we need one person to push and another person to pull. The two people have to cooperate to engage the drillpipe, it is time consuming and labor consuming. For a 5800-meters deep well, there are a total of more than 200 columns of drill pipe. After one round of operation , we are totally exhausted, said Escar.
    "There are different sizes of drills in the well, if we use hydraulic pliers, we have to change the pliers. For 9-inch drill collar, we have to change to B-type big pliers. "SMART Wrench" can fit with all the drills with diameters from3 to 9.5 inches, and you won't have to worry about make-up and break-out of drilling tubular connections for differentsizes of drills.", said Li Richao, the drill operator.
    "It is especially obvious when conducting well-control pressure test. According to regulations, when it gets to the threeopen phases, the well control device must undergo a pressure test for every 25days to 30 days. The applied 4 connectors have 3 specifications. Previously, we have to switch between the three pliers back and forth, which will take at least two hours”, said Kang Honghua, the technician.

    In the drilling crew,the hardest work is drillingup and down,casing running and dumping drilling tools.A drill pipe weighs morethan 100 kilograms.When drilling a deep well,it takes 12 hours tohook,pull,push and hold the drill pipe.SMART Wrench brought change quietly toDrilling Crew # 50071.
    “With the help of the remote control,I can usethe SMART Wrench safely   in the drillor house. ”said Escar with smile.
    The leader of Drilling Crew # 50071 Xingbei Zhaoagreed that thourgh   keep people away from drilling pipe during operating,thesafety has been increased,the risk of injury to staff is greatly reduced.
    While promtiing"stanfardization,specialization,informatization and mechanization",karmay Drilling Company equipped Drilling Crew#50071 with a variety of automatic equipment including SMART Wrech.Totally changed the "bitter,dirty.tired and dangerous" working status of drilling workers .
    These actions standardized the operation of Drilling Crew # 50071, improved the on-site management and working conditions,reduced labor intensity.
    All in all,SMART Wrench really helped Driling Crew to improve efficiency and efficiency.


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