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Case study-Chad

Issuing time:2021-05-24 16:01:52
    Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa with abundantoil resources but a weak industrial base. Chad's oil discovery has been half acentury, but the history of truly making Chad "energy independent"and "getting rid of imported oil" is in its final decade, and that'sby virtue of China. The China-Chad cooperation has achieved a lot, especially inmaking Chad self-sufficient in refined oil products.
    With excellent quality and performance, Our SMART Wrench QuePing win the bidding, and will go with GWDC International Drilling Company's"big ship" across the sea.
    Good things always come with more grinding. This year'sSpring Festival is characterized by the black swan outbreak of epidemic.Traffic and freight are greatly affected, full of uncertainty. Faced with manychallenges, JJC staff took enormous initiative in all aspects, whether it istraining, production and supply or on-site commissioning. We work hard to servethe client to ensure the mission complete.
    In particular, our service engineer, Xinhao Wang, completedcentral control staff operation training for two drilling rigs and equipmentparameters debugging & input in a short period of 5 days. He guaranteed thesmooth acceptance of drilling rig and successfully ensured on-time delivery.

    Soon our SMART Wrench landed together with the rig in Chad,which contributed to Chad's oil boom aspiration.

    Our hard work and dedication received positive feedback andrecognition from the clients. In May 2020, a thankyou letter from GWDCInternational Drilling Company breathe fresh air into our heart among thescorches of hot summer. Client recognition gives us a lot of motivation.
    Creating value for client is our greatest happiness!


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